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French Law

Search across thousands of French legal documents, dating back to 1873, alongside coverage from over 100 other countries on one AI-powered legal research platform.

Enriched French legal documents

When researching French law, you can now save time with the help of our range of intelligent search tools. Whether you’re looking to maximise your working hours, or you simply want to expand your research, vLex will help you to deliver better results.

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Coverage overview


  • Administrative Appeal Course 
  • Administrative Tribunals 
  • Call Courts 
  • Conflict Tribunal 
  • Constitutional Council 
  • Council of Trade 
  • Council of State 
  • Court of Cassation
  • Court of Instance
  • Courts of High Court 
  • First Instance Courts 

AI-powered legal research


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use search tools
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  • Benefit from unlimited document downloads
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  • Quickly browse by content type, jurisdiction and court
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  • Easily share, organise, and print documents within vLex
  • Visualize document relationships for greater insight
  • Pinpoint the most cited passages of a document
  • Instantly translate any document into multiple languages 
  • Improve accessibility with text options and full-page reading