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Argentine Law

Legal content from official sources, available in full text and updated daily. vLex offers an extensive collection of Argentinian legal information alongside advanced research technology.

An unparalleled collection

Access up-to-date Argentinian legal documents, including case law, consolidated codes, legislation, the Official Gazette of the Argentine Republic, provincial gazettes, international treaties and bilateral agreements, and much more, all on one service.

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Coverage Overview


  • Legislation
  • Codes and Consolidated Laws
  • Juridical Digest
  • International Treaties and Agreements
  • Regulations
  • Boletin Oficial de la República Argentina (Official Gazette of the Republic)
  • Provincial Gazettes
  • Case Law
  • Federal Court Coverage
  • Provincial Court Coverage
  • International Court Coverage
  • Books and Journals
  • Legal Forms
  • Collective Agreements
  • Newspapers