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Colombian law

vLex Colombia is a comprehensive collection of up-to-date Colombian legal information documents, all on one service and enhanced by the most advanced artificially intelligent tools.

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Curated from a variety of official sources, this collection of Colombian legal information includes legislation, official journals, regulations, case law, books, journals, dictionaries, legal forms, newspapers, economic indicators and practice notes, and is updated daily. Only with vLex can you search all this alongside international coverage from over 100 other countries.

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Coverage overview


  • Constitutional Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Council of State
  • Superior Judicial Council
  • Superior District Courts
  • Administrative Tribunals
  • Arbitration Courts
  • Special Tribunal for Peace
  • International Courts
  • Legislation
  • Codes, regimes and statutes
  • International Treaties and Agreements
  • Official Journals
  • Regulations
  • Books and Journals
  • Dictionaries
  • Legal Forms
  • Newspapers
  • Economic Indicators
  • vLex Practice Notes