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Australian case law

Access an extensive collection of Australian judgments, containing over 70,000 full-text cases dating back to 1957. This collection includes coverage from the Federal Courts as well as the appellate courts of the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Victoria. With new content added daily, vLex offers an unparalleled collection of law for Australian research.

Commonwealth case law

Searching on vLex allows you to search across Australian decisions alongside case law from many other commonwealth jurisdictions. With over 47,000 citation relationships between Australian cases and cases from the UK alone, vLex’s intuitive search and analysis features can help you discover important cross-jurisdictional relationships.

With unrestricted search results and indexed content from over 100 other services, including Westlaw and Lexis, vLex enables you to search across a wealth of information in more detail than any other provider.

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Coverage overview


  • An extensive collection of Australian judgments, alongside important legal information from across the commonwealth
  • A growing collection, updated daily
  • Case law coverage from 1957 
  • Judgments sourced directly from the courts
  • News and legal commentary
  • Indexed content from over 100 providers, both free and commercial*
  • Blogs covering Australian law

Advanced research technology


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use search tools
  • Built-in advanced search, with Boolean support
  • Search by citation or report, including the Commonwealth Law Reports and the Federal Court Reports 
  • Benefit from unlimited document downloads
  • Positive, neutral and negative treatment and citation coding
  • Instantly view lists of cited authorities
  • Quickly browse content by category, jurisdiction and court
  • Stay up-to-date with customisable email alerts
  • Mitigate risk with unrestricted search results
  • Easily share, organise, and print documents within vLex
  • Visualise document relationships for greater insight
  • Pinpoint the most cited passages of a document
  • Instantly translate any document into 12 languages 
  • Improve accessibility with text options and full-page reading

Coverage information

Federal Courts

Federal Court
High Court

Northern Territory

Court of Appeal
Supreme Court
Criminal Court of Appeal

Australian Capital Territory

Supreme Court of ACT
Court of Appeal of ACT


Supreme Court
Supreme Court of Tasmania
Court of Criminal Appeal

New South Wales

Supreme Court
Court of Appeal
Criminal Court of Appeal of New South Wales
District Court
Land and Environment Court
Administrative Decisions Tribunal


Supreme Court
Court of Appeal