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Save time, build better arguments, and reduce the risk of errors with vLex for Word. vLex for Word brings the research power of vLex’s AI-supported legal research database directly into Word.


Keep your documents up to date


With vLex for Word, you can quickly check the citations in your documents, enrich documents by adding vLex hyperlinks to citations, and locate new sources of legal information with AI-powered legal research assistant Vincent.

Citations and links

vLex for Word will automatically scan your document to locate anywhere that case law, legislation, regulations, or official gazettes have been mentioned. Additionally, vLex will then create a link from those documents to the full text on vLex, if available.

Negative treatments

Any authorities that have been given a negative treatment will include a red alert; vLex will warn you about cases that have been overruled, not followed, or distinguished by a subsequent authority.

Vincent AI

Vincent, vLex’s AI-powered legal research assistant, can help you find out what to research next. Vincent will analyse the content of any document of your choice, whether that is a case already on vLex or a document that you have created yourself. Vincent analyses the cited authorities within the text to recommend materials related to your legal research that are available on vLex, even if they haven’t been mentioned in the document.


For select regions, legislation that has been repealed or is no longer in force will be highlighted by a status indicator, so that you are aware of what is current law.

vLex for Word