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vLex offers a wide range of titles and collections containing thousands of exclusive documents, with daily updates, all available on a single AI-powered legal research platform.

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All content products are either cores or bolt-ons. Cores contain primary law, such as case law and legislation, while bolt-ons include secondary material, such as books and journals. Content contained in each core collection is listed on each of the jurisdiction pages. Bolt-on product information can be found below.

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Bolt-on products


All bolt-on products must be subscribed to alongside a core. To add bolt-on products to a trial, please contact us directly.

ABA Collections
Academic Collection
Aspinall’s Maritime Law Cases
Bar Collection
Bermuda Law Reports
Cayman Island Law Reports
CCH Tax Cases
Commercial Law Cases
Emerald Collections
English Reports
Family Court Reports
Gale Collections
Immigration Appeal Reports
Inquest Law Reports
International Law Reports

Irish Reports & Digest
Irish Tax Reports
Jersey Law Reports
Justis Human Rights Case
Maritime Law Book
Mental Health Reports
Session Cases Archive
Session Cases Service
Singapore Academy Collection
South Africa Appellate Decisions
South Africa Criminal Reports
South Africa Law Reports
State Trials
Times Law Reports
UK Dockets
US Jury Verdicts
Wiley Collections

Bolt-on information


Irish Reports and Digests

The most authoritative series of Irish case law from 1838 to present, the Irish Reports is published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland alongside the Irish Digests series. The Irish Digests series is a comprehensive record of cases published in The Irish Reports, The Northern Ireland Reports, The Irish Law Times Reports, The Irish Law Reports Monthly and more.

Irish Tax Reports

The Irish Tax Reports, published by Bloomsbury, are the only comprehensive collection of important tax cases from Ireland, including cases dating back to the foundation of the State in 1922. This provides an essential resource for anyone who needs access to an authoritative collection of tax law from Ireland for their research.

Bermuda Law Reports

The official law reports for Bermuda, comprised of over 2,600 considered judgments from the Supreme Court and appellate courts of Bermuda. They date back to 1956, with comprehensive coverage from 1986. This series offers a wealth of new material and is a vital repository for practitioners and librarians in the Caribbean and other offshore territories.

The Cayman Islands Law Reports

The official law reports of the Cayman Islands, including over 2,100 cases from the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands and appellate courts, dating back to 1923 (with comprehensive coverage from 1952). Exclusively available from vLex outside of the Cayman Islands.

ABA Commercial Collection

This growing and unique collection provides access to respected and authoritative journals covering multiple practice areas and topics, including arbitration, litigation, intellectual property,iInternational interests, tax and tax evidence, trust compliance issues, commercial drone law, corporation law, wealth, trusts and estates, and more. In this valuable collection, titles include the ABA Journal, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Litigation, Litigation Journal, The Tax Lawyer and many more.

vLex is the only provider to offer ABA material alongside up-to-date primary and secondary resources, advanced legal technology, and global coverage, on a single service. For more information and a full list of titles, please contact us.

ABA General Collection

The ABA General Collection covers a wide range of topics and practice areas including: corporate law, immigration, arbitration, data, information & media, criminal law, family law, human rights, credit rights, forensic science, family law litigation, civil rights litigation, international arbitration, international law, preparing witnesses, mental disabilities, criminal defense, adoption, employee rights, transgender persons and the law, and much more.

Titles in this valuable collection include Family Law Litigation, Family Law Quarterly, International Arbitration, International Law, Privacy and Data Security and many more.

vLex is the only provider to offer ABA material alongside up-to-date primary and secondary resources, advanced legal technology, and global coverage, on a single service. For more information and a full list of titles, please contact us.

Wiley Commercial Collection

Books and journals from one of the world’s leading publishers of high-quality books and journals for over 200 years are now available from vLex. The Wiley Commercial Collection contains books and journals on a wide variety of legal topics of local, national and international importance. Titles covering employment, intellectual property, banking and finance, corporate interests, society, energy and more are included in this growing and valuable collection.

Titles available within this collection include the American Business Law Journal, Canadian Copyright Law, Federal Grants & Contracts, International Construction Contract Law, International Insolvency Review, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Negotiation Journal, Oil and Energy Trends, Review of Income and Wealth, Risk Management and Insurance Review, The Journal of World Intellectual Property, and many more. For more information and a full list of titles, please contact us.

Wiley General Collection

Direct from one of the world’s leading publishers for over 200 years, the Wiley General Collection includes titles covering various areas of law including constitutional law, arbitration, criminal law, international law, family law, society, corporate law, family law, property law and more.

Titles available within this collection cover North American and European law, and titles include Criminology and Public Policy, European Law Journal, Family Court Review, International Insolvency Review, Juvenile and Family Court Journal, Law and Society Review, Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, The Handbook of Law and Society, The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice., The Modern Law Review, and many more. For more information and a full list of titles, please contact us.

Gale Commercial

Containing journals from over a wide variety of publishers and sources, the Gale Commercial Collection is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in corporate law, property, employment, tax, technology, manufacturing and intellectual property. The Gale Commercial Collection will be of value to those practising law within the United States or for those with international interests.

Some of the titles available in this vast collection include the American Bankruptcy Law Journal, Defense Counsel Journal, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Risk Management, The Journal of Corporation Law, The Tax Adviser and many more. For more information and a full list of titles, please contact us.

Gale General

This collection brings together books and journals from over 150 publishers and sources on various legal topics such as criminal law, the environment, family, government, human rights, international interests, media, medicine, military, society, technology and transport. The Gale General Collection will be of value to those practising law within the United States, Canada, and internationally.

Some of the titles available in this vast collection include the American Criminal Law Review, Canadian Journal of Criminology And Criminal Justice, Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice, Environmental Law, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Issues in Law & Medicine, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Journal of Law and Health, Loyola Maritime Law Journal, Ottawa Law Review, Queen’s Law Journal, Stanford Law Review, the World Policy Journal, Yale Law Journal and many more.

Academic Collection

The Academic Collection is a huge selection of content focusing on titles relevant to those doing academic legal research. This valuable collection provides content from various disciplines, covering practice areas such as military law, society, international law, data, information and media, and many more.

Titles within this collection include the International Law Studies, Military Law Review, Louisiana Law Review, Foundation for Law and International Affairs Review, Sustainable Development Law & Policy, Problems of Legality, British Journal of American Legal Studies, Open Journal for Legal Studies, Journal of Law and Regulation, and many more. For more information and a full list of titles, please contact us.

Bar Collection

Covering areas of law such as intellectual property, corporate law, banking and finance, criminal law and much more, the Bar Collection is a selection of titles most useful to those practicing the law in the United States, or with an interest in foreign and comparative law.

Titles within this collection include the Alabama Bar Lawyer, California Bar Journal, Georgia Bar Journal, Kansas Bar Journal, South Carolina Bar Journal, Uniform Crime Reports, U.S. Government Manual, Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal, and many more. For more information and a full list of titles, please contact us.

Emerald General

Containing over 150 books and journals on legal topics including international law, property, banking and finance, education, human rights, immigration, health, criminal law, transportation, data, information and media, and much more. Featuring titles such as Crime and Human Rights, Human Rights and Media, International Journal of Law and Management, Journal of Financial Crime, Journal of International Trade Law and Policy, Journal of Public Mental Health, Research in Law and Economics, alongside many more.

Emerald Commercial

This valuable collection contains a selection of books and journals covering topics such as antitrust, competition, monopolies, regulatory, employment, corporate law, property, intellectual property and more. Featuring titles such as Antitrust Law and Economics, Competition Policies in Europe, International Business Law and Lex Mercatoria, Journal of Property, Planning and Environmental Law, Music and Law, The Political Economy of Antitrust and many more.

English Reports

Containing over 67,000 cases, the English Reports are the oldest collection of authoritative early law reports in publication, dating back to 1220. The series contains nominated reports from the Privy Council, High Court of Chancery, House of Lords, Court of the King’s Bench, Court of Exchequer Chamber, Crown Court and more.

State Trials

Over seven centuries of higher criminal jurisprudence covering English trials relating to offences against the state. This includes Cobbett’s State Trials and the New Series (Macdonell and Wallis), with additional material sourced from the National Collections and the English (Nominate) Reports. The series features coverage between 1163 and 1858.

The Times Law Reports

All case reports published in The Times newspaper. The collection contains over 15,000 cases dating back to 1987. Over 800 cases are published each year and come from a wide range of jurisdictions, including the UK courts, the European Court of Human Rights and the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

CCH Tax Cases

Includes three of the leading dedicated tax law reports for the United Kingdom: British Tax Cases, British Value Added Tax Cases (1973 – present) and Special Commissioners’ Decisions (1995 – present). This series provides over 10,000 important tax cases dating back to 1875.

Commercial Law Cases

This series contains full law reports from the higher courts, chosen for their usefulness in advising commercial clients. It covers a broad range of commercial and company topics, including competition, intellectual property, banking and insurance law. This series provides important cases dating back to 1991.

Immigration Appeal Reports

Dating back to 1972, the Immigration Appeal Reports contain over 2,400 authoritative and diverse cases concerning immigration law and covering the application of EU law in the higher English courts.

Mental Health Law Reports

A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of mental health law, largely unreported elsewhere, dating back to 1999. This series includes essential cases from the European Court of Human Rights, the House of Lords, the Family Division and more.

Inquest Law Reports

A comprehensive collection of cases relating to all aspects of inquest law, dating back to 2004. This collection is largely unreported elsewhere and a valuable resource to anyone interested in inquest law.

Family Court Reports

A comprehensive collection of reported cases relating to family law, dating from 1987 to present. This collection was relaunched in 2018 and is published by Bloomsbury.

UK Dockets

The UK dockets on vLex include High Court dockets back to 2010 alongside Supreme Court and Court of Appeal dockets from 2019 onwards. A growing collection of over 200,000 UK dockets,for the first time this content can be accessed in one location, enabling researchers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of current and previous matters.

UK dockets on vLex services are available for ongoing access, so researchers no longer need to pay per session, or work to timed access restrictions as they would with traditional docket services. Larger organisations can also benefit from multiple user access to dramatically reduce the time it takes to search and retrieve documents by all team members.

Maritime Law Book

The Maritime Law Book, containing over 300,000 judgments from 1969 to 2016. The Maritime Law Book is one of the most significant and comprehensive resources of Canadian case law available with headnotes.

Including the Alberta Reports, British Columbia Appeal Cases, British Columbia Trial Cases, Federal Trial Reports, Manitoba Reports, New Brunswick Reports, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island Reports, National Reporter, Nova Scotia Reports (2d), Ontario Appeal Cases, Ontario Trial Cases, Saskatchewan Reports, Federal Trial Reports, and much more.

South Africa Law Reports

The most authoritative series of law reports from South Africa, and the most widely referred to source of primary legal precedent in South Africa. Judgments are carefully selected and edited with headnotes, legislative references and case annotations.

South Africa Criminal Law Reports

The most authoritative collection of criminal law cases from the superior courts in South Africa, which also includes a number of acts and amendments that relate to criminal procedure. Cases are selected for the importance to the practitioner in criminal law.

South African Appellate Division Reports

The reports of the Supreme Court of Appeal (previously the South African Appellate Division), including the complete 37-volume set of the Appellate Division Reports from 1910 to 1946. Judgments are presented as published in the original Appellate Division Reports, with identical page breaks, making citations standard.

Human Rights

The Human Rights collection contains comprehensive case law coverage of the European Court of Human Rights from 1960. This important collection is vital for anyone who practices Human Rights law.

Containing both the case law and metadata for these important cases, the Human Rights bolt-on will enable researchers to explore relationships between the European Court of Human Rights and cases from the UK and Irish courts. This includes citing and cited cases, the treatments they received, and key passages, to assist researchers in finding the cases that are most relevant to the matter they are researching.

The International Law Reports

The only publication which is entirely devoted to the regular and systematic reporting of decisions of international courts and arbitrators, and judgments of national courts, in English. The collection contains over 10,000 cases from a vast variety of courts and countries, including cases from the International Court of Justice, Arbitration Tribunals, United Nations Human Rights Committee and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

This collection also includes:

European cases from EU courts such as the European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice, and the European General Court; over 3,000 internationally significant cases from Europe, including cases from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and Spain.

Over 2,000 cases from North America, and an essential collection of cases from South America including cases from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela. Important cases from the continent of Africa, including cases from South Africa, Ethiopia, Botswana, Kenya and many more, and from the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam and more.

Aspinall’s Maritime Cases

The Aspinall’s Maritime collection contains over 3,000 maritime cases from between 1844 and 1940, from the United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland.

Jersey Law Reports

An authoritative and definitive series of general law reports from Jersey, containing judgments from Jersey’s Royal Court and appellate courts. This series is coupled with a collection of unreported cases from Jersey and contains over 2,500 cases dating back to 1969.

Singapore Academy Collection

The Singapore Academy Collection contains the Singapore Law Reports – a fortnightly report of all significant cases heard in the Singapore Court of Appeal, High Court, and Constitutional Tribunal, selected by the Council of Law Reporting – alongside the Singapore Academy of Law Annual Review (2000 onwards), and the Singapore Academy of Law Academy Journal (1989 onwards). The database includes a reissue from 1965 to 2009, with new headnotes and catchwords. This collection contains over 6,800 cases dating back to 1965.