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Coverage from over 100 countries

vLex houses over 120 million legal documents, including legislation, case law, regulations, practical law, news, forms and contracts, books, journals, and more. Use our interactive map to explore our coverage and products.

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  • The largest collection of UK law
  • The largest collection of Irish case law
  • The largest collection of Caribbean case law
  • The largest collection of Spanish law
  • The largest collection of Mexican law
  • The largest collection of Latin American gazettes
  • Over 20 million US legal documents and much more

vLex connects the world’s legal resources together 

Find the most relevant legal information faster and reduce the risk of missing important documents with vLex integrations.

From a Microsoft Word plug-in that helps you maintain up-to-date information, to Dropbox integration to search your internal knowledge and enrich your documents, vLex’s ecosystem of tools are designed to help you improve your productivity and give you a technological advantage.

“Excellent materials” – Associate Professor, University of Toronto

“10/10 very comprehensive and easy to navigate” – Barrister, Del Canto Chambers

Making legal information visible and accessible

vLex is home to the largest collection of legal and regulatory information in the world. This includes exclusive collections of case law, legislation, books and journals from across both common law and civil law regions. Additionally, vLex brings together legal information from over 750 publishing partners, providing 2,500 legal and news sources from the world’s leading publishers, to help you find more in one location.

Go beyond traditional research methods with Vincent AI

Vincent helps you find a unique set of highly relevant search results by combining human search behaviour with machine speed, which would have otherwise taken hours to compile. This provides an advantageous starting point for any research, and ensures that you don’t miss any relevant case law or legislation.

Primary law

Comprehensive and extensive coverage of primary law from over 30 countries 

Updated daily

Over 30,000 documents are updated and added to vLex each day

Secondary material

Legal news, books, journals, and more, from over 100 countries

Unlimited search

Access search results from our entire database

Over 120 million documents

One of the world’s largest and fastest growing databases

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Create and manage email notifications specific to your work and interests

Research technology at its best

vLex’s global team of engineers and editorial experts continually strive to deliver up-to-date legal information and industry-leading AI-powered legal technology, enabling you to research to a level of detail not possible on other services.

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“The precedent map is excellent.”

Solicitor, Eversheds Sutherland